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The history of our passion!

A history of 27 years of entrepreneurship, innovation and passion. These are the three pillars that encourage and guide the Banda Audioparts throughout his career.
Starting its activities in 1986 focused on the assembly of electronic components for many different purposes, the company soon evolved its portfolio of services becoming maker and developer of technologies for automotive sound systems.
1998 New directions
With the vast experience gained in those first 12 years, the company launched its own brand of products and changed its focus, failing to provide electronic components. Banda Audioparts was born the automotive amplifiers.
At this time, in Brazil there were only the famous boosters and this time the Banda Audioparts following one of its pillars, innovation, became the first domestic company to develop and produce MOS-FET amplifiers, Class AB, offering more technology and sound performance than the boosters then.
The line Voxer Class AB amplifiers with extruded aluminum chassis and high quality components soon became benchmark, creating a new trend in car audio market in Brazil with models 9.8, 4.8 and 2.4.
2000 Unrest
The already established line of amplifiers Class AB Banda Audioparts with outputs from 240 to 980Wrms, with 1, 2 and 4 channels became little to the engineering team of Banda Audioparts. The unrest and the search for overcoming made the Banda launched an amplifier that has changed the concept of installation and sound, the ICE.
The ICE 1500Wrms was the first Digital Amplifier Brazil with only domestic technology and production, its concept was so innovative that obtained the highest real power in Wrms with the same compact size. Ie, it’s dimensions were the same as an amplifier that generated 480Wrms, but its power was three times higher.
In addition to this feature, also being digital, its power loss due to heat dissipation was 70% lower than the AB classes, which gave high yield. The ICE opened new avenues for car audio projects, in addition to providing development from now to much higher power amplifiers than it had at the time.
2001 – 2003 Investments
Already in its own headquarters in Osasco, this year the company had to follow the innovations of products developed and invested in production, not only to increase production capacity, but mainly to make increasingly accurate and vertically.
Then it became the first company in national amplifiers to acquire and introduce the inserter in its production of SMD components, making it 90% of the automated production process. This made the Banda Audioparts had more control over the board developed by the engineering and the final product, thus placing more quality, reliability and agility in the production of amplifiers and development of new products.
2004 – 2008 High Power
With the path already trodden by consecrated and digital amplifier ICE 1500 the Banda began the process of expanding the domestic market the trend of high-power amplifiers and launched in 2004/2005 the VX and VX 2ND 3ND amplifiers with 2500Wrms and 3500Wrms.
It still looked little to engineers Banda and in 2008 hits the market the digital amplifier Viking 10000Wrms. A concept of high power amplifier in the focused sound electrical systems trio. It was such a success as its size and the power that provided by replacing the sound systems that were in need of 3 or 4 amps to play the bass system for only one Viking.
2011 Changes
A new phase began for the Banda Audioparts: entrepreneurship and innovation have always been part of the essence of the company, and this time the directive was to change and invest to make the whole process more agile, increase the quality of amplifiers and productive capacity. Verticalize became the watchword.
To this end all manufacturing facility and administrative sector were transferred to the city of Paulinia, São Paulo. To achieve the goal of vertical integration, it was necessary to evolve further, the entire product line had to stop using extruded aluminum heat sinks and leave for injected aluminum sinks.
Again the development, engineering and production worked together and created a new product line. At the same time, investments were made to deploy a new plant, for the high-pressure aluminum injection.
Thus the Banda Audioparts became while the first national amplifiers vertical production company, but also the first line of national amplifiers with high pressure injection of aluminum heat-sinks in their technology.
2012 Full Range
At this stage, after the consecration of its new product line and the positive result in the vertical integration of its production, the search became the realization of the missing step to the line of digital amplifiers: make them Full Range. Ie play all frequency bands.
With the know-how acquired with the ICE line hits the market the first digital amplifier Full Range of 4 channels, 9.8D 1200Wrms. This release brought with him his younger brothers the 4.8D 580 Wrms and the 8.4D of 800Wrms. In this way the digital line Banda Audioparts gained competitiveness in the market, since there were only class AB amplifiers that played such frequency and power ranges.
2013 Passion
With the same passion for achievement, entrepreneurship of its foundation and the search for innovation that moves the band Audioparts in 2013 the entire line of amplifiers has been changed. New technologies introduced to improve performance, design modifications to dictate the next trend and further improve the performance of amplifiers were held, as well as major releases in its product mix.
This year the Banda Audioparts has released the digital amplifiers 2.4D and DYNAMO 30KW. The 2.4D followed the principle of being compact and generate 100Wrms per channel, totaling 400Wrms since the DYNAMO 30KW came to introduce a new concept within the product line, the first High Voltage company.
Today the Banda Audioparts operates in the domestic and international market with exports to several countries in South America, United States, Europe and Japan. With two product lines, one D Class and the other Class AB amplifiers Band are distributed in various power ranges to meet different car audio projects.
Class D amplifiers is formed by:
2.4D – 4 channels 100Wrms – total 400Wrms
4.8D – 4 channels 145Wrms – total 580Wrms
8.4D – 4 channels 200Wrms – total 800Wrms
9.8D – 4 channels 300Wrms – total 1200Wrms
ICE 800 – 1 channel 800Wrms – total 800Wrms
ICE 2500 – 1 channel 2500Wrms – total 2500Wrms
ICE 3500 – 1 channel 3500Wrms – total 3500Wrms
Expert 800 – 2 channels 400Wrms – total 800Wrms
Expert 1200 2 e 4 ohms – 2 channels 600Wrms – total 1200Wrms
Viking 5000 – 1 channel 5000Wrms – total 5000Wrms
Viking 8000 – 1 channel 8000Wrms – total 8000Wrms
Dynamo 30KW – 1 channel 30000Wrms – total 30000Wrms
*Up just short of the technical specifications, details in the product manual.
Class AB amplifiers is formed by:
2.4 – 4 channels 90Wrms – total 360Wrms
3.2 – 2 channels 180Wrms – total 360Wrms
4.8 – 4 channels 120Wrms – total 480Wrms
9.8 – 4 channels 245Wrms – total 980Wrms
*Up just short of the technical specifications, details in the product manual
Throughout these 27 years, 15 Band Audioparts, with its ethical and transparent trade policy, as well as investments in development, new technologies, disclosure, car show, promotion and advertising, have made the company reap great results. It was 8 times winner of the award marks Brazil – class automotive amplifiers – including four consecutive years, several titles at national and international automotive sound championships, MTM, 101 events, the consecrated dBDrag and many others.
For this passion we have for what we perform, develop and produce, many in the market tell us that “Banda is Banda”.
With projects around
the world, we continue
to expand.
With a lot of history to tell, the
Banda presents innovative
and powerful products.
The entire manufacturing process
of the Banda is Brazilian, which
ensures flexibility and innovation.
Revolutionized the Brazilian
amplifier market with products
never before seen.
  • Begins its Activities

    Focusing on the assembly of electronic components for many different purposes, the company soon evolved its portfolio of services becoming automaker and developer of technologies for automotive sound systems.

  • Amplifier MOS-FET Class AB

    Early on, innovation shown this. As the first national company to develop, produce and launch the MOS-FET amplifier of AB class.

  • Was Born the Banda Adioparts

    With market vision, and great experience in those first 12 years, the company launched its own brand of products and changed its focus, failing to provide electronic components.

  • Amplifier ICE 1500Wrms

    Once again innovating, it was launched Brazil’s first digital amplifier with technology and domestic production, which way to the development of more powerful and bold designs.

  • Headquarters Acquisition Own

    After investments and increased production, the company acquires its own headquarters in Osasco / SP.

  • Technology SMD

    With increased demand, and focus on delivering higher quality were among the first to acquire machinery with SMD technology.

  • Viking 10.000W

    In the time that was necessary to bring together various modules to achieve is power. The Banda once again surprises, casting the line Viking with 10000 Wrms.

  • New Plant

    Focusing on growth and improvement of its production process, in 2010 the band built two buildings in Paulínia, in São Paulo.

  • 1st with Vertical Production

    Together the engineering and production departments create a new product line with sinks injected in high pressure aluminum. Thus the Banda becomes the 1st national company amplifiers vertical production and high-pressure injection of aluminum heat-sinks in their technology.

  • Born the Full Range

    With the practical knowledge the band released the world’s first digital amplifier Full Range of 4 channels, able to play in all frequency bands.

  • 30.000 Wrms - High Voltage

    To introduce a new concept in its product line. Comes the first High Voltage company with 30KW real power.