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Viking Line

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Voxer Line

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About Us

Founded in 1986, BANDA AUDIOPARTS is pioneer on car sound amplifiers in Brazil, highlighted by its superior quality and innovative designs.

Banda was the first national company to produce full mosfets class AB amplifiers, posteriorly developing the first class D amplifier in Brazil, and in the last years innovating again with Banda’s injected heatsinks, composed by 100% aluminum.

Internationally recognized, Banda Audioparts is always looking for technological innovations, in order to keep making revolutions on the sound car Market, with global leveled products.

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Comments, suggestions and criticisms regarding the Banda Audioparts amplifiers, can be sent via the form below. We reply as soon as possible.!

Our experts are on hand to resolve any questions, offer tips, ideas on the best ways of using and maintaining our products in projects for championships and daily use.

Whenever you need, count on us!